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Reflections on Distance Healing 🌀

In Reiki, there is a practice known as distance healing. By using a set of symbols and invocations, a practitioner is able to tune in with the energy body and spirit of a recipient, across space and across time. Wiithin this practice there are no limitations.

As soon as I invoke the symbols, I can feel energy thick within my palms, like moving through water, like a magnetic field between my hands. The recipient becomes fully present, almost like they are literally sitting right in front of me.

I have done more distance healing sessions in the past year than I ever have since I began practicing Reiki in 2010, and I have been blown away by the clarity that has been coming through.

Both externally and internally, this has been a challenging year for many people. And yet, the light is moving quite quickly. Clarity seems to be coming through more strongly than ever. Are any other healers feeling this too?

I think sometimes healing feels really uncomfortable. Sometimes parts of us need to die or transform, and this can be painful. When we heal, we are reconfiguring our structures on a molecular level.

It seems that our own inner resistance is the biggest piece to overcome. Resistance comes in many forms, like shame, guilt, doubt, fear, blame, to name just a few examples.

As both a practitioner, and a human on my own healing journey, I am learning to deeply trust the messages that come through. Every time I share a reflection with somebody after a healing session, even if it's something that makes no sense to me, I have been met with absolute receptivity from the recipient and confirmation that these messages were exactly what they needed to hear. I have been truly amazed by the clarity that comes through, by the images, prayers, intentions, and even songs that come through from this benevolent field for a person's highest good.

I know that this healing does not come from me personally. My practice is to continually empty myself to allow this healing to come through. In sessions, I really feel more like a witness than a healer. It’s like the recipient, by choosing to receive a healing session, has made an agreement with the universe, and I am just there to support the process.

These times hold an immense power for our healing both personally and collectively, individually and culturally. When we tap into the light realms, there are a myriad of invitations there. The realm of infinite wisdom has medicine for us all.


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