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"I scheduled a long-distance Reiki session with Madelyn and the day of the appointment I lost track of time and didn't realize it was our appointment time. I was going about my day and suddenly I felt a wash of peace and relaxation. Colors seemed more vibrant and I could sense my body getting more and more relaxed, like snuggling into a soft bed on a chilly morning when the sun hits through the window just right to warm your blankets. My mind began searching for reasons for this sudden shift in Being, and that was when I realized that Madelyn had been sending Reiki. I was actually quite amazed at how drastically I felt her working over long-distance as I had only ever received Reiki during in-person sessions with other practitioners in the past. I feel that she is one of the clearest channels for universal loving energy that I have ever worked with, and am looking forward to our next session!”

-Rachel A.

"Madelyn creates a very peaceful and tranquil environment in her healing space. Within the reiki session, I felt ease and peace that I hadn’t felt in a while. I felt a sense of support and witnessing that was deeply nourishing for my spirit. The energy work made me feel so refreshed, that by the end of it I felt like I had awaken from a deep sleep. Madelyn has a very healing touch and is a lovely channel of the divine.”


-Deanna R.